As a Solopreneur, your first hire should be a partner


It’s lonely trying to bring value to the world all by yourself. And plagued with demons.

This is especially true when what you’re trying to do is new to you – and as you strive for continuous growth, there will always be elements that are new to you.

People often talk about finding partners to join you in your business. But finding a good partner can be difficult, and there may be multiple strategic reasons why you choose not to (loss of control is not something to be trifled with).

My solution, I’m learning, is to hire someone with partner-like qualities. Even if it’s very part time, your goal with your first hire is to have someone who is more of a coach and a sounding board, and this can be achieved with as little as one hour a week. (I often use Upwork, it’s great for this and I’ve built my entire team through that platform)

It is often said that your first hire should be someone who complements your weaknesses – if you’re not good with details, or sales, have someone else do this.

By all means, if your first hire can be partner-like and compliment your weaknesses, that’s an ideal first hire. But if not, I’d prioritize the ability to share your vision and support you over everything else – it’ll give you the strength and insight you need to make your second hire.

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