Improving People and Things

I combine left and right brain thinking to help humans and ideas become even better.


I’m passionate about the intersection of mental health, creativity, technology, and entrepreneurship.




Projects and Ventures


I combine a diverse range of skills and experience to effectively develop software and bring it to market. With hands-on expertise in UX architecture, web design, coding, marketing strategy, copywriting, customer support, and entrepreneurship, I can seamlessly communicate between the various stakeholders and team members involved in bringing an idea to life.


My web development agency is Systemagic, specializing in news and media, crowdfunding and ecommerce, and marketplaces.

We can quickly bring new ideas to life in the form of working prototypes and MVPs, and improve existing businesses to maximize their profitability and tap into new opportunities.

Increased Profitability: Mid Hudson News

How I grew the revenue of a media website by 57% by completely redesigning it, introducing marketing automation, and introducing new monetization models.

MVP Business Launch: CauseMatch

How I helped launch one of the largest crowdfunding websites in the Jewish world in my living room; building their first prototype, introducing them to their current CTO, and helping them launch several months before plan.

UX Strategy: Ad Tech Dashboard

How I introduced a single innovative feature into a sales dashboard as part of their redesign that vastly simplified the daily operations of sales people, allowing them to send larger proposals, close larger deals, and save countless hours.

Mental Health

I’m passionate about mental health and personal growth, for both myself and others. Following are ventures and projects I’ve undertaken to improve the emotional wellbeing of others. 


I have a private practice as client-led hypnotherapist, incorporating somatic therapeutic modalities like IFS, Gestalt, Existential and regression therapy.

10 Strangers Meditate

A short video I created to create awareness about meditation. Although I no longer believe many of the ideas expressed in the film, I am proud of the motivation and initiative that fueled the project.


Prodana is the first of its kind Pay-It-Forward crowdfunding platform for therapists and healers, inspired by meditation centers and dedicated to driving more funds to the mental health space through the power of generosity.

The 3x3 Project

A microgrant program as part of my non-profit venture, Prodana Giving. The fund encourages recent graduates of therapy and healing courses to jumpstart their private practice by subsidizing their first few clients.


I’ve been writing since my teens, starting out with fiction and moving on to copywriting, documentaries, and blogging.

Freidom Fighter

I’m an outspoken critic of fundamentalist religion, being an victim of it for most of my life.

Personal Growth

Writing about mental health and personal growth on my Hishtalmoot hypnotherapy website.


I’ve written about my life going up in a devoutly Orthodox environment in Jerusalem, Israel.

When The Smoke Clears

I am a credited writer on this award-winning documentary about wounded Israeli soldiers and their path to healing.

Scriptwriting Orthodox Jewish Characters

Scriptwriting Orthodox Jewish Characters is a guide to anyone looking to incorporate Orthodox Jews into their script.This free document serves as a crash course in understanding the nuances of Orthodox Jewish life, and can help you write a screenplay or story that presents Orthodox Jews in a more authentic and convincing way.

Bubby’s Kama Sutra

What would a sex guide look like if it was written by an old Jewish grandmother? Read Bubby’s Kama Sutra to find out.

If Men Got Periods

In this inspiring tale of manliness and valor, you’ll imagine just how awesome men would be at having their periods.

Promotional Videos

I’ve enjoyed writing promo scripts, often on a tiny budget or limited resources. My first ever was filmed on a Hollywood set.


I have many interests. Here are some of the things I’ve done so far that I’m proud of.

Kiruv vs. Orthodoxy

A satirical card game I created as a joke for Freidom Fighter, which ended up actually getting successfully crowdfunded and shipped to dozens of people.

Real Estate Investing

Over the course of five years I financed, purchased, renovated, rented, and ultimately sold five real estate properties in Baltimore and Buffalo.

Samurai Jew

An animated short film I produced with the talented Israeli animator Nadav Nachami

Officially Israeli - Ad Campaign

One of my favorite and best-produced ad concepts and campaigns.

Acro Yoga Teacher

I’m passionate about acrobatic yoga and its ability to foster trust, develop body awareness, and build community. I became certified in 2020 and continue to work to share acro via workshops and jams.

Udemy Course

I created a free 1.5 hour Udemy course on Entrepreneurship for Introverts, based on the ideas I found myself sharing with a lot of my business coaching clients.

Open Source Photography

I contribute to the open source photography website Pexels, where my photos have been seen over 1 million times and received half a million downloads. I have benefited a lot from Pexels and am glad to be able to give back.

Children's Bedtime Stories

This started out as bedtime stories I read to my kids while I was living abroad, and evolved into 150 stories with 250,000 views. I don’t monetize the videos to make them more accessible (and the stories aren’t mine, anyways)

Music Production

I’ve produced several songs in a variety of Genres, under the name St. St.

Writings and Musings

Prepare for a wild ride.

The Underdog Wins With Emotion

The Underdog Wins With Emotion

Hopefully I'm not overstating the obvious, but one of the key weapons the underdog has, is emotion. The power to win through emotion is so powerful that it gives the underdog the ability to win battles against far larger opponents. By virtue of being the underdog,...

Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose

There is something that both rich and poor have in common. They both operate from a place of taking more risks because they have nothing to lose. That is not to say that the rich are not far more comfortable, and that it's a better place to operate from. But the fact...


  • MVP creation and entrepreneurship
  • Simplifying complexities
  • Creativity and innovation
  • UX Architecture and Wireframing
  • Enterprise-level WordPress web design


  • HTML, CSS, Flexbox, Bootstrap
  • Knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, and React
  • VS Code
  • Photoshop
  • Balsamiq Wireframing


  • Real Estate
  • eCommerece & Fundraising
  • Non-profit
  • SaaS
  • B2B


  • Breakdancing
  • Acro yoga
  • Construction – carpentry, welding
  • Leatherworking

About Me

I’m Shalom Shore a constantly-learning jack-of-all-trades, which I have found to be very useful when conceiving and developing new software products and features.

I have practical experience in virtually every aspect of software development, from creating a vision and wireframes to web design and coding, as well as copywriting, marketing, business development, and customer support.

I have a knack for breaking down complex ideas into simple processes and solutions, and for combining existing features and assets in innovative ways that make them much greater than the sum of their parts.

I am always looking for new opportunities, so please be in touch!

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Making the simple complicated is commonplace;
making the complicated simple… that’s creativity.

Charles Mingus