Countries Are Weird

Musings, Philosophy

If you’re a cow or a bird, we’re like, ya whatever. If you’re a human animal, we’re like, you’re gonna need to ask permission to go past that hill (even if you were born there), and you’ll need to bring a little book with you.

The worst the weather in that place, the more people will want to be there, and the harder a time they’ll give you. “only the worthy may freeze their nipples off here!”

And every so often a bunch of people are like “these bunch of hills are seperate and need a new set of permissions” and sometimes the world is like yeah, totally, and other times they’re like, no way, Jose. (They’re very often named Jose, the people in the new country).

But it only goes one way. You don’t get many mergers and acquisitions when it comes to countries, typically you can only do that if your last name is Hitler. Or Putin.

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