MVP Business Prototype – Jewish Podcast Network

To test the viability of our idea for a podcast hosting network, I initially built the entire ecosystem from scratch.

  • I used WordPress multi-site with cloneable templates for the environment.
  • A customized backend theme was applied to create a unique branded experience and remove unnecessary clutter and options for the users.
  • We found an existing podcasting WordPress theme that suited our needs and customized it further with the help of the theme developer to allow for further user customization and better podcast analytics.
  • All audio files were automatically offloaded to AWS and served from there to reduce hosting costs.

We then began promoting the service and aquired over 25 paying customers to verify the validity of the business model.

Once established, a permanent solution was developed using AWS, Node, and React. I provided initial specs and wireframes, defined the project road map and the priority of features to be developed and continuously reviewed the product for quality assurance and correct implementation of features.

Jewish Podcasts is now hosting live shows in beta stage and positioned to be a leader in its niche, allowing users to create their own podcast in minutes and quickly syndicate it on all podcasting apps.

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