Creative Work

Shalom has a great personality and energy and a real ability to think “outside of the box”

Ernesto S.
CEO, Words Revealed

Simply incredible work, and it was a pleasure working with you

S.I. Productions
You are the most creative person I have met in this organization

Adina S.
Director of Recruitment, Jerusalem U


Shalom contributes multidisciplinary intelligence to our team, instant access to a wealth of information, and original creative insight. All this is combined with a vast background in a wide range of media and communication mediums, which helps create great results.

Yehuda & Tzippi Miller
Anvehu Art & Design

Shalom worked fast, catered to all my requests and offered helpful suggestions. I’m extremely happy with the outcome.

Oren R.
Holyland Productions
I got good advice and feel more empowered to do what I do best.

Elie D.
Educator, Psychoanalyst