Social Media Marketing

Content marketing strategy coaching for BOMAH, a social media consultancy

Itzik is an extremely charismatic storyteller and connector. After working for years in advocacy and marketing, he set out to found his own company, BOMAH, the Brand of Milk and Honey. 

From the outset, I helped Itzik define his goals and organize his content in a way that would most readily appeal to his clients. This included marketing strategy meetings, reviewing and optimizing sales and marketing materials for optimum performance, and creating and teaching engaging content for Itzik to help grow his brand. 

One particular problem that Itzik faced – is one that plagues many entrepreneurs – was scope creep. When you are first starting a business, there are multiple  responsibilities and “hats” that you need to wear. The problem is, you are only good at certain things, decent at others, and probably suck at/hate a handful of others. I helped Itzik identify his strongest skills, focus solely on them, and define job descriptions to find others to compliment his skills.

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