My Favorite Fiverr Gigs – 2022

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Fiverr has long been one of my secret weapons.

I love the way they’ve commoditized services. It was actually part of my inspiration for creating Prodana.

Obviously with a platform that big, it can be quite hit or miss with your users. Below are some tricks I use for finding the best people, and some hidden gems that I’ve ordered from multiple times.

  1. I like using filters to help me immediately surface the best people (I use a very similar approach on Upwork)
  2. I start by filtering by top rated sellers, and if that doesn’t give me a wide enough pool, I’ll expand to level one sellers. That way I know I’m working with people with a lot of experience and good track record.
  3. I’ll then often further sort by “Best Selling” to get the most popular gigs first. Finally, if budget is an issue, I’ll create a max-price filter to remove gigs that are out of my budget.

(there’s a useful project management principle that every project can be two out of the following three values: quality, quick, or cost effective. I usually choose gigs that would take a little longer, while focusing on cost and quality)

I am a Fiverr affiliate, and am proud to have introduced many people to the platform for the first time. I enjoy championing awesome resources, especially ones that I use regularly myself – I’ve made over 132 orders on Fiverr over the years!

Get a lead magnet page made

I often recommend that anyone who has been blogging for a while should consolidate their posts into an eBook. This makes them greater than the sum of their parts, quantifies expertise, and can serve as a useful lead-magnet.

Febrian Java is my go-to designer for these.

Get an awesome logo for pennies

I have designed multiple logos with Fei8htz. At the time they were $5 each, now they are up to $15, but this is still a total steal.

You get two versions to choose from, multiple revisions to revise what you like (I often combine elements from both versions), and just a really slick and modern end result. At this point they have a team of people producing them, but overall I’ve been happy with almost every logo I’ve worked on.

They designed Prodana’s logo, which I particularly love, and you can also pay for some extras like branding packages and stationary. I got all of Prodana’s branding taken care of for $80. It’s insane.

Web scraping and lead generation

There have been times when I’ve needed emails or contact info for various marketing endeavors and specific lead generation projects. I have ordered multiple times from Waseemmghal, who is professional, effective and affordable. I’ve always gotten concrete value from the info he’s provided me.

Get Coached!

I am passionate about person growth, and often rely on coaching to help me overcome blocks and maximize my effectiveness. I’ve hired multiple coaches on Fiverr, for general coaching, to help me with my ADHD, and for sales.

You can find coaches starting at just $40 a session, which is tremendous value.

I hope to keep adding more specific Fiverr gems as I find them.

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